Are Sharks Mammals?

The discussion on whether sharks are mammals has been going on for some time now. Some of the characteristics exhibited by sharks are like those of both mammals and fish.

No, Sharks are fish, even though they give birth like mammals. In fact, this is one of many reasons why people classify sharks as mammals.

The characteristics of a shark which separates it from a mammal are complex and I shall go more in depth below

What Shark characteristics disqualify it from being a mammal?

Sharks are cold-blooded, Mammals are warm-blooded. This implies that the body temperatures of sharks are regulated by the surrounding weather and environmental conditions. However, Mammals’ temperatures remain constant despite fluctuations in the surrounding weather conditions. Mammals have body hair and fur on the surface of their skins while sharks have scales that help them in their swimming. Whales, which many people consider to be almost relatable to sharks, have hair on their skin surface. We all know that mammals breathe through their lungs while sharks breathe through their gills


As we have seen above, sharks are not mammals. They are a species of fish. They do give birth to their young ones like mammals, but that alone does not qualify them to become a mammal.