Can Sharks Roar?

Sharks are one of the coolest and most mysterious animals that live in the ocean. Their slim bodies and sharp teeth make them the top hunters of the deep sea. But, people have always wondered if sharks can make a roar sound.

Why Sharks Can’t Roar

The answer is simple: sharks cannot roar. Even though they can make other sounds like growls, grunts, and hisses, they do not have the right parts to make a real roar. Sharks need a special vocal organ called a larynx to create the deep, rumbling noise of a roar, but they do not have one.

Communication Underwater

Instead of roaring, sharks make sounds in a different way. They make vibrations that travel through the water so they can be heard. Sharks create these vibrations by moving their jaws or squeezing their swim bladder muscles. These sounds help them communicate with other sharks, find mates, and scare off enemies.

Famous Shark Sounds

The “Jaws” theme song is an example of a famous shark sound. But, it is important to know that the two notes played on a tuba are not what sharks really sound like.

Even though sharks cannot roar, they are still incredible animals that capture our attention. Their strength, quickness, and ability to hunt make them fascinating. Whether you are a scientist studying them in the wild or just someone who likes watching them on TV, sharks are amazing creatures.


In conclusion, while sharks cannot roar, they can make other important sounds for their survival and communication. They use clicks and pops from their jaws or low grunts and growls to talk to each other. Sharks are a remarkable species that keep us fascinated and amazed. So, next time you see a shark “roar” in a movie, remember it is not real and sharks are even more impressive than that.