Do Sharks Eat Their Teeth?

Sharks are super interesting creatures in the ocean. They have a sleek body, big jaws, and lots of sharp teeth. These teeth are vital for their survival as they help them catch and eat different types of food. But, have you ever wondered what happens to a shark’s teeth when they fall out or are lost during a hunt? Do sharks really eat their own teeth?

The Surprising Way Sharks Handle Lost Teeth: Swallowing

The answer is yes, they do! But before we find out why and how they do it, let’s look at why shark teeth are so important.

Sharks’ Teeth Replacement: A continuous process

Sharks have many rows of teeth that they constantly replace throughout their lives. When a tooth falls out, a new one takes its place, so they always have fresh teeth to use.

Shark teeth are very sharp and come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of shark. Some have triangular, serrated teeth that are great for cutting through tough prey, while others have small, pointed teeth that are better for filtering plankton from the water.

Even though shark teeth are strong, they do wear down and fall out eventually. When this happens, sharks deal with it by swallowing the lost tooth!

Benefits of Eating Their Teeth: Nutrient recycling and maintaining hunting skills

Sharks have a special way of digesting bones and other hard things, including their own teeth. By eating their teeth, they recycle the calcium and other minerals from them, which helps keep their bones and teeth strong.

Eating their own teeth might also help sharks keep their hunting skills sharp. When a tooth falls out, the new one that grows in its place might be a bit different in shape or size. By eating their lost teeth, sharks may be able to keep their teeth the same shape, which helps them hunt better.

It’s important to note that sharks don’t eat all their teeth at once. Instead, they lose and replace thousands of teeth throughout their lives, slowly digesting them as they go.


In conclusion, sharks do eat their teeth, and this is just one of the many cool things about these top predators that help them survive in the ocean. Sharks are truly amazing animals that continue to fascinate and inspire us with their strong jaws and constantly regenerating teeth.