Do Sharks Have A Belly Button?

Sharks have been interesting to humans for a long time because of their sharp teeth, smooth bodies, and the fact that they are top predators. But people sometimes wonder if sharks have a belly button.

Belly Buttons in Vertebrates

The answer to this question is not simple. Sharks have a belly button, like all other animals with backbones, but it is not as noticeable as it is in other creatures. To understand why sharks’ belly buttons are hard to see, we have to understand how they work.

Sharks and Their Belly Buttons

In most animals, the belly button comes from the umbilical cord. This cord links the growing baby to the placenta, which gives the baby nutrients and oxygen when it is still in the mother’s womb. After the baby is born, the cord is cut, leaving a scar on the belly that can be seen for the rest of the animal’s life.

However, things are different for sharks. Sharks lay eggs instead of having live babies. The baby shark grows inside the egg, and it gets its nutrients from the yolk sac. When the egg is ready, the female shark lays it and leaves it to develop on its own.

Since the baby shark is not linked to the female shark through an umbilical cord, there is no need for a noticeable belly button. Sharks do have a belly button, but you cannot see it because of the way they grow as egg-laying creatures.


Even though it is not visible, the belly button is still important for the shark’s development before it hatches. Sharks are fascinating creatures with their own unique biology and behavior that never fails to amaze and intrigue us.