How Do Sharks Hunt?

Sharks are amazing creatures that live in the ocean. They have sharp teeth, strong bodies, and good senses. They are the top predators in their environment. But how do they catch their food? Let’s explore how sharks hunt.

Sense of Smell

Sharks have a great sense of smell. They can smell prey from far away. They can detect a tiny amount of blood in a lot of water. This makes them very good at hunting. Some sharks can even smell prey from a mile away!


Sharks can also sense electrical fields produced by other animals. This helps them find prey that is hiding. This is especially useful when the water is murky or when it is dark at night.

Ambush Hunting

Many sharks use a technique called ambush hunting. They wait for their prey to swim by and then attack quickly. This works well for sharks that blend in with their surroundings, like the wobbegong shark.

Chasing Prey

Other sharks, like the great white shark, chase their prey. They swim fast and jump out of the water to catch it. This is good for hunting fast animals like seals or dolphins.

Biting Technique

Sharks use their strong jaws to bite and eat their prey. Some sharks, like the tiger shark, take one bite and then wait for the prey to die before eating it. Others, like the great white shark, keep attacking until the prey is dead.

Suction Feeding

Some sharks, like the whale shark, use a suction feeding technique. They open their mouths and suck in water and small creatures called plankton. This is how they eat.


In conclusion, sharks are very good hunters. They use their senses, strong bites, and special techniques to catch their food. Knowing how sharks hunt helps us understand these amazing creatures and their important role in the ocean.