How Far Can Sharks See?

Sharks are scary and amazing creatures that have fascinated people for ages. Their sight helps them catch prey, but how far can they actually see?

How Sharks’ Eyes Work

Sharks’ eyes work differently from humans. They have a special layer behind their eye called the tapetum lucidum. This helps them see in low light, like at night, but they don’t see as well as humans in bright light.

Factors Affecting Sharks’ Distance of Sight

The distance sharks can see depends on many things, like how clear the water is, the lighting, and the object’s size and shape. Sharks can see up to 50 meters away in clear water during the day, but in murky water, they can only see about 10 meters. When it’s not bright out, like at dawn or dusk, sharks can’t see objects as far away.

Sharks’ 3D Vision and Use of Other Senses

Sharks have two eyes on opposite sides of their head. This lets them see things in 3D and judge distance, but only up to a certain point. Past that point, they have to use other senses like smell or sound to find prey.

Sharks’ Color Perception

Sharks also see colors differently than humans. They can only see two main colors, which means things look different to them than to us.


Overall, sharks can see up to 50 meters away in clear water during the day, but this changes depending on the water, lighting, and object’s size and shape. They rely on other senses to hunt when things get too far away, and they see colors differently than humans.