How Many Teeth Are In A Sharks Mouth?

Sharks are creatures that live in the ocean, and they’re famous for their sharp teeth. Sharks have many rows of teeth in their mouth that are always changing throughout their life. But how many teeth do they have?

Different Types of Shark Teeth

It depends on the type of shark. There are over 500 different types of sharks, and each one has unique teeth that are adapted to their diet and lifestyle. On average, sharks usually have between 30 and 50 teeth in their mouth. However, some sharks can have up to 300 teeth!

Arrangement of Shark Teeth

Shark teeth are arranged in rows called “tooth files,” and the number of files varies depending on the type of shark. Some sharks have one or two files, while others can have up to 15. Each file has many teeth, and when a shark loses a tooth, a new one grows in its place.

Characteristics of Shark Teeth

One fascinating fact about shark teeth is that they’re not attached to the jawbone like human teeth. Instead, they’re in the gums, which lets them move around. This is important for sharks because it helps them adjust their teeth while they’re hunting and eating.

The shape and size of a shark’s teeth are different depending on what they eat. Great white sharks have big, sharp teeth that can tear through their prey easily. But whale sharks have small, flat teeth because they eat tiny fish and plankton.

Regeneration of Shark Teeth

Sharks can regrow teeth that have been lost or damaged, and some can replace their whole set of teeth in only one week. This helps them keep hunting and eating effectively.


Overall, the number of teeth in a shark’s mouth changes depending on the species, but most sharks have between 30 and 50 teeth. Their teeth are arranged in rows that are always changing, and they’re perfect for the shark’s diet and lifestyle. Shark teeth are fascinating and one of the most interesting features of these incredible creatures.