What Are Sharks Afraid Of?

Sharks are known as the top predators of the ocean and can scare many people. However, even these strong creatures have things that scare them. Like other animals, sharks have evolved to survive in their environment, and they have developed instincts and fears to help them avoid danger.

Killer Whales

So, what makes sharks feel uneasy? Killer whales, also called orcas, are a surprising answer. Even though they are a different species, killer whales are a big threat to great white sharks, the most famous shark species. Orcas can attack and kill great white sharks by biting off their fins, immobilizing them, and then flipping them over to suffocate. Just seeing an orca in an area can cause sharks to run away.

Sharks and Electric Fields

Sharks can detect electrical fields from other animals using electroreception, but some sharks are scared by electric devices that emit a mild shock. This is why some beachgoers wear SharkBanz or similar products that emit a weak electrical field to avoid shark attacks.

Bright Lights and Sharks

Bright lights can also make sharks feel uneasy. Many types of sharks are active at night and can be disrupted by bright lights. For instance, fishermen use bright lights to catch fish, but this can also attract sharks. This makes them confused and swim too close to the surface where they are more visible and easier to catch.

Sharks get nervous or aggressive when they encounter unfamiliar objects or hear unfamiliar sounds. Scuba divers should avoid wearing shiny jewelry or brightly colored clothing as it can attract sharks and make them curious or aggressive.

Unpredictable Movements and Sharks.

Sharks get scared by unpredictable movements, like when someone splashes around in the water. They’re always looking for prey, but sudden movements can make them feel like there’s danger, and they might attack. If a potential predator, like a seal or dolphin, makes sudden movements, the shark might retreat.


In conclusion, sharks are strong predators, but they have things that they are afraid of. Killer whales, electric fields, bright lights, unfamiliar objects or sounds, and unpredictable movements can all make sharks feel uneasy or defensive. It’s essential that humans respect these animals and their natural behavior and take steps to avoid confrontations that could harm both sharks and humans.