What are the smallest species of shark?

What is the smallest shark, it’s a random question that you might ask however, what is the answer?

The smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark

Below I’ll give some facts about the dwarf lantern shark

Dwarf Lantern Shark Facts

The Dwarf lantern shark has a maximum size of 8.3 inches (21.2 cm) that is to say the smallest size is 7.9 inches (7.9 cm ). One of the surprising known facts about the shark is that it can fit inside a human hand dwarf Lantern sharks live off the coasts of Colombia and Venezuela at 929-1440 feet (283-439 m) along the continental shelf. These dwarfs eat krill most of the time. Known as the smallest known shark in the world, however, they are also bioluminescent. Meaning that like other deep-sea fish, they emit light to trick and trap their prey.


In conclusion, the dwarf lantern shark is the smallest shark however, it does not mean it’s not interesting