What Color Are Sharks Scared Of?

Sharks are fascinating and scary creatures that live in the ocean. They have sharp teeth, strong jaws, and a sleek body that makes them the top predator. However, there are some colors that can make them hesitant or frightened.

Yellow and White: Colors That Scare Sharks

Yellow is one of those colors. It’s visible in the ocean and can look like a potential prey item, like a school of fish. Sharks can get curious and investigate it, but they might get scared once they realize it’s not food.

Another color that sharks tend to avoid is white. They may mistake it for the brightness of sunlight, which can be blinding for sharks that stay in deeper waters. They may also think it’s the underside of a prey item, but once they realize it’s not, they’ll swim away.

Some experts suggest that certain patterns or color combinations can also deter sharks. For example, black and white stripes or spots can signal danger to sharks and make them avoid attacking.

Limitations of Color Avoidance in Preventing Shark Attacks

Although avoiding certain colors may reduce the risk of a shark encounter, it’s not a sure way to prevent attacks. Sharks have evolved to be smart predators that can detect movements, vibrations, and scents from far away. It’s important to take precautions when swimming in the ocean, such as swimming with others, avoiding known shark areas, and staying out of the water during dawn and dusk when sharks are most active.


In conclusion, while some colors may scare sharks, it’s essential to understand that they are smart creatures that rely on their senses to find prey. While certain colors may help reduce the chances of a shark encounter, it’s not a foolproof way to prevent attacks. The best way to stay safe in the ocean is to be cautious, alert, and respect the natural habitat of these incredible creatures.