What Is The Cultural Significance Of Sharks In Different Parts Of The World?

Sharks are fascinating creatures that hold a significant place in many societies worldwide. They are symbols of strength, danger, power, or death, depending on the culture.

Sharks as Symbols in Beliefs and Traditions

Western Perception of Sharks

In Western cultures, people see sharks as dangerous and fierce predators. Ancient Greek and Roman stories linked sharks to the god of the sea, Poseidon, and portrayed them as frightening creatures. Similarly, during the Middle Ages, people depicted sharks as monsters in art and stories, which increased their fear factor.

Indigenous and Other Cultures’ Perception of Sharks

Some Indigenous cultures in the Americas, such as the Wabanaki tribe in Eastern Canada, view sharks as sacred animals that represent strength, power, and determination. Similarly, in Hawaii, people consider sharks as family guardians, believing that their presence provides protection and guidance.

Sharks in Asian Cultures

Many people in Asia value sharks for their meat and fins, which they use in traditional medicine and cooking. However, in China, the word for shark sounds like the word for “luck.” Leading some people to believe that seeing a shark is a lucky sign.

Sharks in Australian Cultures

In Australia, sharks play a significant role in Indigenous Dreamtime stories and mythology. The Waugal, a serpent-like creature is portrayed with a shark’s head. In some stories, sharks are also seen as guardians of the land and sea.

Sharks in Polynesian Cultures

In Polynesian cultures, people often see sharks as symbols of strength, protection, and adaptability. The people of Samoa believe in the shark god Dakuwaqa, who controls the sharks and safeguards fishermen. Similarly, in the Cook Islands, sharks serve as guardians of the ocean and protect navigators.


In conclusion, different parts of the world hold varying cultural significances of sharks. Many societies shaped their beliefs and traditions around these creatures. People view sharks as symbols of danger and death, but also as powerful protectors and bringers of good luck. Despite their cultural significance, sharks will continue to fascinate people worldwide.