What Is The Difference Between A Shark’s Upper And Lower Teeth?

Sharks are really interesting and their sharp teeth are a big part of why they’re so good at catching food. But did you know that there are actually two different kinds of teeth in a shark’s mouth? Let’s learn about them and why they’re important for the shark’s survival.

Upper Teeth: Sharp and Replaced Easily

The first kind of teeth we’ll look at are the ones on top. They’re long, sharp, and shaped like triangles, which makes them great for biting and cutting up prey. Unlike human teeth, these teeth aren’t stuck in the shark’s jaw. Instead, they’re attached to the skin inside the shark’s mouth. This makes it easy for the shark to replace them when they get lost or worn out.

Lower Teeth: Wide and Rooted in Jaw

The second kind of teeth are the ones on the bottom. They’re wider and flatter than the top teeth, and they’re used to crush and grind up food that’s already been bitten by the upper teeth. These teeth are rooted in the shark’s jaw and can’t be replaced as easily as the upper teeth.

Constant Replacement of Teeth

One cool thing about shark teeth is that they’re always being replaced throughout the shark’s life. Some kinds of sharks get new teeth every two weeks! This is really important for sharks because they’re always losing teeth due to their constant feeding habits.

Shark teeth are also arranged in a special way in the shark’s mouth. Sharks have lots of rows of teeth that keep moving forward as the front row wears down. This means that the shark always has a fresh set of teeth ready to go when it’s time to catch some food.

Importance for Shark’s Predatory Nature

All these differences between the upper and lower teeth are really important for sharks because they’re such good predators. Sharks rely on their teeth to catch and eat all kinds of things, from little fish to big marine mammals. The sharp, triangle-shaped upper teeth are great for grabbing and tearing prey apart, while the wider, flatter lower teeth are better for crushing and grinding up food before swallowing it.


In summary, the differences between a shark’s upper and lower teeth are really important for its survival. The constant replacement of teeth means that sharks always have sharp teeth to catch food, and the different shapes of teeth make it easier for them to bite, tear, crush, and swallow their prey. Sharks are really cool animals, and their teeth are just one of the many amazing things about them!