Why Are Sharks Teeth Blue?

Sharks have always been interesting to people worldwide. Their teeth are sharp and serrated, but did you know that not all shark teeth are the same color? Some are white or yellow, while others are blue. But why are some shark teeth blue? Let’s find out!

Not All Shark Teeth is Blue!

It’s important to know that not all sharks have blue teeth. Most sharks have white or yellow teeth, depending on the species and environment. For example, great white sharks have white teeth that blend in with the ocean’s surface, while bull sharks have yellow teeth that are better suited for murky waters.

The Blue Shark’s Teeth

However, some shark species, like the blue shark, have blue teeth. But why? The answer is in the teeth’s structure. Blue shark teeth have a hard enamel coating, like all shark teeth, but with a high concentration of melanin, a pigment that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes. Melanin gives blue shark teeth their distinctive blue color.

The Connection Between Blue Shark Teeth and Their Diet

The high concentration of melanin in blue shark teeth might relate to their diet. Blue sharks eat squid, fish, and crustaceans that have hard exoskeletons. Melanin in their teeth may make them stronger and more resistant to wear and tear as the shark bites down on its prey.

The Blue Teeth of Male Blue Sharks

Interestingly, the blue coloration of the teeth may also help male blue sharks attract mates. Male blue sharks have bright blue teeth, which they show off during courtship. The blue coloration of their teeth may be a signal of the male’s health and genetic fitness, making him a more desirable mate.


In summary, the blue coloration of some shark teeth is a fascinating adaptation that helps these creatures survive and thrive in their ocean environments. Blue shark teeth’s high concentration of melanin may help them break down hard exoskeletons and attract potential mates. Regardless of color, shark teeth show how evolution has shaped these ancient predators into the most successful hunters in the ocean.