Will Sharks Eat Mantees?

Sharks are big, scary creatures of the ocean that can easily take down big prey with their sharp teeth and strong jaws. However, people wonder if sharks will eat manatees, which are slow and gentle creatures.

The Vulnerability of Manatees to Shark Attacks

Manatees, also known as sea cows, are big plant-eating animals that live in warm waters like the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Even though they are gentle and slow, they can still be attacked by sharks because of their size and peaceful nature.

Rare Occurrence of Shark Attacks on Manatees

While it is possible for sharks to attack manatees, it is rare. Usually, younger manatees are more vulnerable to shark attacks. Adult manatees are too big for most sharks to eat, and their tough skin is hard to break.

It is important to know that sharks don’t usually eat manatees. Manatees are not a primary food source for sharks, and sharks don’t usually look for them to eat. Instead, sharks are more threatened by people than manatees are by sharks.

One possible reason for the small number of shark attacks on manatees is that manatees don’t smell or taste strong enough to attract sharks. Sharks use their sense of smell to find their prey, and if there isn’t a strong scent, then sharks may not be interested.

Also, manatees like to live in shallow and protected waters, like bays and estuaries, where there are fewer sharks. Sometimes manatees go into deeper waters, but sharks don’t usually eat them there.


To sum it up, sharks rarely eat manatees. Manatees are big and have tough skin, which makes it difficult for sharks to eat them. They also don’t have a strong scent that sharks like. Nonetheless, it’s important to know that the ocean can be dangerous, so we should always be careful when swimming.