Can Sharks Breathe Out Water

Sharks are fascinating creatures in the ocean. They have sharp teeth, streamlined bodies, and are great swimmers. People often wonder if they can breathe out water.

How Sharks Breathe

To understand this, we need to know how sharks breathe. They do not have lungs like humans and other animals. Instead, they have gills on their heads that take in oxygen from the water as it passes through. This way, sharks can breathe without actively swimming. But they cannot breathe air, so if they are out of the water, they will suffocate.

Can Sharks Exhale Water?

Sometimes sharks accidentally swallow water while feeding or hunting. The water flows over their gills, and they still get oxygen from it. However, they cannot intentionally shoot water out of their bodies like some fish can.

Any water that sharks swallow will be digested, just like any other food or liquid. If they are disturbed or stressed, they may regurgitate food or materials, but this is not the same as exhaling water.


In short, sharks cannot breathe air like humans or other animals. They cannot intentionally expel water from their bodies, and any water they swallow will be digested. So, the answer is no, sharks cannot breathe out water.