Do Sharks Pee?

Sharks are amazing creatures that make people both scared and amazed. They have sharp teeth, strong bodies, and a sleek appearance. Even though we know a lot about sharks, there are still some things that we don’t know, like whether they pee or not.

Special Body Part

The answer is yes, sharks do pee, but it’s not as simple as you might think. Like other fish, sharks have a special body part called a cloaca that does two things at once – it helps them reproduce and get rid of waste. This means that they pee and poop from the same hole in their body.

Sharks Retain Most of Their Urea in Their Bodies

But why do sharks need to pee? All animals make waste when they use energy, and one of the things that come out of that waste is urea. Urea is a chemical that forms when our bodies break down protein. Unlike us, sharks keep most of their urea in their bodies instead of peeing it out.

Why do they do this? Sharks live in water that is always changing. The water can be different temperatures, have different amounts of salt, and change pressure. By keeping their urea, sharks can stay the same inside no matter what’s happening outside.

Sharks have the Highest Concentration of Urea on the Planet

Sharks have more urea in their bodies than any other animal on the planet. That’s why they have that “fishy” smell. But it also helps them live in places where other animals can’t.

So, even though sharks pee, it’s not the same way we do it. They hold onto most of their waste in their bodies, which helps them adapt to different environments.


In the end, sharks are special creatures that have been around for millions of years. Even though it might seem like a small question, knowing whether sharks pee or not helps us understand how they live. So, if you ever see a shark while swimming, remember that even they have to get rid of waste sometimes.