What Do Sharks Do All Day?

Sharks are captivating sea creatures with sleek bodies and sharp teeth that have become popularized by the media. But people often misunderstand them, thinking they only hunt and attack humans. The truth is, sharks lead complex lives that are far more intricate than we might imagine.

How Sharks Spend Their Time

What do sharks do all day? It depends on the species. Every type of shark has unique habits and behavior patterns. However, there are general things that we know about what sharks do on a daily basis.

Resting and Hunting Habits of Sharks

Sharks are not always in constant motion. Most sharks spend a lot of time resting on the ocean floor or near the surface of the water. Some sharks like nurse and angel sharks are bottom-dwellers, lying on the seabed and waiting for prey to swim by. Others like great white and hammerhead sharks are more active, swimming for extended periods but still taking breaks to rest and conserve energy.

When sharks are not resting, they typically search for food. Sharks don’t spend all their time attacking humans or other large animals. Instead, they prefer to eat smaller fish, squid, and crustaceans. They use their senses of smell and hearing to locate prey and then swim towards it, using their powerful jaws to capture it. Some sharks like the hammerhead have specialized heads that help them detect prey more easily.

Socializing and Feeding Behaviors of Sharks

Socializing with other sharks is also a significant part of a shark’s daily routine. Although sharks are often seen as solitary creatures, many species form intricate social structures and will gather in groups of dozens or even hundreds. These social groups are often based around feeding or mating behaviors and can be critical to a shark’s survival.

Different Ways Sharks Spend Their Days

Not all sharks spend their days the same way. For example, the whale shark is a filter feeder that swims with its mouth open, filtering out plankton and other small organisms from the water. The tiger shark, on the other hand, is a scavenger that will eat anything it can find, including garbage and other waste products.


In conclusion, sharks are fascinating creatures with a wide range of behaviors and habits. While they do spend a lot of time hunting for food, they also rest, socialize, and engage in other activities that are crucial to their survival. By learning more about what sharks do all day, we can develop a greater appreciation for these creatures and the significant role they play in the ocean’s ecosystem.