What Is The History Of Human Interaction With Sharks?

Sharks have been both fascinating and scary to people for a long time, but our relationship with these top predators is complicated. The story of humans interacting with sharks is a diverse and complex one that shows how we’ve changed our thoughts about nature and the environment over time.

Sharks in History and Culture

Sharks have been shown in prehistoric art and cave paintings all over the world, often as amazing and special creatures. But despite this, humans have hunted sharks for thousands of years, for their meat, fins, and other useful things. Many cultures, like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Polynesians, used sharks for food, medicine, and other things.

Sharks in Mythology and Folklore

Sharks were also important in stories and legends around the world, seen as strong and scary animals that could bring good or bad luck. For example, the Hawaiian Shark God kept the islands safe and helped people who respected him catch fish, while the ancient Greeks believed the god Poseidon could turn into a shark.

Learning About Sharks and the Natural World

As people have expanded their societies, they have learned more about sharks and the natural world. People like William Rondelet and Pierre Belon catalogued different shark species in the 16th century. While Charles Darwin learned about their evolution in his book On the Origin of Species.

Sharks in Popular Culture

In modern times, sharks are all over popular culture, from movies to cartoons and video games. Some of these depictions of sharks are realistic, while others are not. The movie Jaws became really popular, even though it didn’t show how sharks really behave.

Sharks in Danger and Our Relationship with Them Today

Sharks are in danger because of things people do, like overfishing, pollution, and ruining their habitats. Many species of sharks are now endangered or at risk, so people are trying to protect and save them all over the world. Even with these challenges, people still find ways to be with sharks. Like going diving or surfing, studying them scientifically, or trying to save them.


Sharks help us see how we’ve changed the way we think about nature and the environment. No matter if people see them as scary predators or amazing creatures to respect and admire, they’re important to human history and culture.