What Is The Most Recently Discovered Species Of Shark?

Sharks are fascinating and scary creatures in the ocean that scientists study a lot. They keep finding new types of sharks, like the “Ninja Lanternshark” (scientific name: Etmopterus benchleyi).

Discovery of the Ninja Lanternshark in the Pacific Ocean

In 2010, researchers from the Pacific Shark Research Center and the California Academy of Sciences used machines to dive deep into the Pacific Ocean near Central America. There, they saw the Ninja Lanternshark for the first time.

Characteristics of the Ninja Lanternshark

The Ninja Lanternshark is a small shark that’s only about 18 inches (46 cm) long. It’s black, but it’s different from other sharks because it can glow in the dark. Its skin has cells called photophores that create a blue-green light. Scientists think this helps the shark hide from predators.

Significance of Discovering the Ninja Lanternshark and Protecting Sharks

Finding the Ninja Lanternshark is important because it shows there are many things in the ocean that people haven’t seen yet. Scientists believe there are many other species that haven’t been found. It’s also important to protect sharks because they are in danger from things like too much fishing, habitat loss, and changes in the environment.

The Ninja Lanternshark is named after a man called Peter Benchley, who wrote a famous book about sharks called “Jaws.” Benchley cared a lot about protecting sharks.


In conclusion, the discovery of the Ninja Lanternshark is cool because it’s a new type of shark that glows in the dark. It also shows that there’s still a lot to learn about the ocean and that we need to protect it. Sharks like the Ninja Lanternshark are fragile and need our help to stay safe. There are many other species out there waiting to be discovered, and the Ninja Lanternshark is just the beginning.